Talking with your doctor about sexual dysfunction

Talking with your doctor about sexual dysfunction

by | June 9th, 2015

It all starts with a frank conversation with your Austin obgyn

Dr. Karen SiStock_000008353767Smallwenson, one of the obgyns at Women Partners in Health, wants women to know that talking about sexual dysfunction is always an important and welcome conversation. Sexual dysfunction simply means that you are having problems that affect the quality of your sexual life and sexual satisfaction.


Dr. Swenson says that many women, particularly young women, come in with questions about whether or not they are “normal,” or they may worry because they have a diminished desire for sex or their sex life has changed. Older women, especially those in perimenopause or menopause, may be experiencing problems with vaginal dryness or painful intercourse.

What can I expect when I talk to my doctor about sexual dysfunction?

Our Women Partners in Health ob/gyns ask you about your sexual health as part of your medical history, but if your doctor doesn’t bring up how sex is going for you, feel free to bring up the issue. Your ob/gyn is the most appropriate person to talk with about sexual issues.

Dr. Swenson says the easiest way to beginning the conversation is just to say, “I have questions about my sexual function.” Simply saying this will lead your Austin obgyn to ask more probing questions, such as:

  • Is this the first time you’ve had this sexual problem?
  • What is your sexual history?
  • Is there any history of sexual abuse?
  • Was everything normal until recently or has this problem been progressing for some time?
  • Is sex an enjoyable part of your life?
  • Do you still desire sexual activity and/or initiate sex?
  • Are you having any relationship problems that could be causing sexual dysfunction?
  • When did you start experiencing pain during sex?

The obgyns at Women Partners in Health work in collaboration with local sex therapists, as well as physical therapists, to help provide comprehensive care for sexual dysfunction. Women need to understand that their problem may be complex, and it may require more than one appointment to solve their problem.

There is hope for a more fulfilling sex life.

The most important thing to know is that there is help, and our Austin obgyns can provide it if you let us know what is happening in your life. Dr. Swenson says, “Basically, the first step is to give the patient permission to talk, and to listen to her and give her information so that we can help with certain strategies for improvement.”

If you have questions about sexual dysfunction, contact us for an appointment. The compassionate and professional obgyns at Women Partners in Health are here to help you.

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Dr. Karen Swenson has provided gynecological and obstetrical care in private practice since 1985. Her philosophy of care emphasizes open communication and working with patients to achieve wellness, including attention to how thoughts and feelings affect health. She has been consistently rated a “Super Doctor” by Texas Monthly.

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