Mothers-To-Be Deserve Attentive Obstetrics Care

Every birth is a unique and special event, and our Austin ObGyn team feels delighted to share this special time with you. Our mission is to give all of our expecting mothers the information and high quality services they need to make the best choices for a healthy and safe pregnancy and delivery. Women Partners in Health joins our OB patients every step of the way, answering questions and providing personalized care for each pregnancy in a positive, supportive environment.

When it’s time for the special day, both mother and baby will be taken care of by our experienced, all-female ObGyn team. We deliver babies at Seton Medical Center on 38th Street in Austin, nationally recognized as one of the safest places to deliver a baby in the country. Seton features a level III-B NICU nursery that provides comprehensive care for infants born at 28 weeks or fewer, should the need arise. The NICU is also supported by a wide range of services and specialists from Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas, which offers a full continuum of specialty services for newborns requiring more critical and complex care.

Nurturing Mothers, Nurturing Babies

Comprehensive obstetrics care starts with prenatal services that ensure the health of both mother and baby. For the convenience of our OB patients, we offer in-house ultrasounds, laboratory testing, and fetal monitoring. Our ultrasonographers are fully accredited to perform routine screening and anatomic surveys throughout pregnancy. So that you know what to expect, we provide a typical prenatal visit schedule.

During your prenatal visits, we will follow mother and baby to make sure both have proper nutrition, growth and health. As a part of obstetrics care, we also offer many classes to help prepare for the new addition to the family:

Special Circumstances for that Special Addition

Most pregnancies progress without problems, but some are more complicated than others, requiring specialized obstetrics care beyond routine. Conditions that might cause a high-risk pregnancy include:

  • Gestational diabetes
  • Multiples
  • Obesity
  • Advanced age
  • Hypertension

In these cases, we monitor each woman closely, dedicating all our efforts to providing personalized obstetrics care to manage each condition. Our goal is to give our patients, and their families, peace of mind to make the best choices for mother and baby.

The Birth Plan Is Up to You

As an all-female ObGyn practice, Women Partners in Health understands how important it is for our patients to have a direct role in their own pregnancy and delivery care decisions. We encourage each woman to develop a birth plan, describing her wishes for medical choices during delivery. We support both natural childbirth and deliveries assisted with an epidural.  Please bring us all of your questions, and we will help develop a birth plan that is right for you.

You can expect consistent, uncompromised obstetrics care from each of the Women Partners in Health physicians. Our goal is a healthy mother, a healthy baby, and making your delivery the kind of experience you want. The physicians at Women Partners in Health provide an opportunity for patients to ‘Meet the Associates’ three times per year at an evening event held in the McFadden Auditorium @ Seton Medical Center Austin from 7-8pm. Each physician will make an introduction followed by an open Q&A session that will cover the most common questions related to labor and delivery. The remaining dates for 2015 are Thursday May 21 and Wednesday September 16; there is no need to register and is open to everyone and their guest. Refreshments will be served.

If you’re ready for a true partner in your pregnancy healthcare, please contact our Austin ObGyn clinic to schedule an appointment. Women Partners in Health is here to usher you and your baby through the most exciting time of your family’s life.




Ob Services

  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Labor management
  • Follow-up care
  • Diabetes in pregnancy care
  • Multiple birth management
  • Fetal growth management
  • Preterm labor risk
  • Cervical incompetency
  • RH factor disease
  • Obesity & pregnancy
  • Placenta previa
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Prenatal hypertension
  • Pregnancy from IVF and ART

Pregnant? Now What?

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Get Started on Your Birth Plan with Practical Information

Start with the basics: Who? What? Where? When? Your OBGYN at Women Partners in Health will keep your birth plan in your file so it can be easily accessed when you go into labor. Find out more>>