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Women Caring for Women in our Long-Standing Austin Obgyn Practice

Our all-female obgyn practice has deep roots in Austin, where we help women thrive throughout their reproductive years and beyond the turning point of menopause. We are proud to be one of Austin’s most enduring women’s obgyn group practices, with over two decades of providing compassionate care to teenagers, mothers, daughters, sisters and grandmothers.

Immediately upon entering Women Partners in Health, you will feel welcome, cared for, and regarded as an active participant in your health and well being. We are experts in obstetrics and gynecology and firm believers in preventative medicine. In addition to seeing patients in our Austin obgyn clinic, each of our nine well-trained physicians actively teach, research, volunteer and pursue advanced training in women’s health.

New Technologies, Time-Honored Ideals

We challenge ourselves to embrace new technologies, such as robotic techniques for minimally invasive gynecological surgery, and bone densitometry for diagnosing osteoporosis. If you hear about breakthrough treatments for painful periods, PCOS or sexual dysfunction, Women Partners in Health has likely embraced–or even pioneered–the advance.

We also understand that as providers of women’s health care, we participate in life’s joyous milestones like pregnancy and childbirth, as well as setbacks such as infertility, fibroids and abnormal Pap smears. Your Austin obgyn will offer sound advice, compassion and expert guidance during each season of your life.


We’ve Found Strength in Central Texas Obgyn Associates

Over the past 20 years, Women Partners in Health has grown to become one of the largest all-female practices in Central Texas. Belonging to Central Texas ObGyn Associates (CTOA) affords us the freedom to focus on patient care, and to draw upon the strength of a combined 587 years of experience.

At Women Partners in Health, we believe that you deserve compassionate and uncompromised medical care in a relaxed, comfortable environment. We see every woman as unique and deserving of respect.

If you would like to partner with an obgyn dedicated to helping you flourish throughout every phase of life, contact us at Women Partners in Health in Central Austin near Mopac on 35th street, or at our south location off Southwest Parkway.


Vida Esfandiari MD takes a special interest in routine and high-risk pregnancy care

Vida Esfandiari MD Provides World-Class Pregnancy Care

Vida Esfandiari MD takes a special interest in routine and high-risk pregnancy care
Vida Esfandiari MD particularly enjoys providing pregnancy care and educational information to routine and high-risk patients. During her residency, Dr. Esfandiari wrote an educational pamphlet for patients who had referrals to The University of Texas Medical Branch Beta Clinic for pregnancy care.

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