College Check-ups

Our Austin obgyns offer college check-ups

Our Austin obgyns care for women’s health at every age. We are happy to perform college check-ups and talk to young women before they make the important life transition from high school student to college coed. For us, this visit is about more than just filling out a form. Our Austin obgyns answer young women’s questions that they may feel embarrassed to ask their pediatrician or family doctor.

We care about young women’s mental and physical health and are here to provide compassionate support and expertise as they transition into independent living.

Health history is an important part of college check-ups

Our Austin obgyns will review a young woman’s health history in private. This not only allows her to be open and honest with us, but it gives us an opportunity to provide counseling about healthy lifestyle choices. Prior to a woman’s physical, it’s helpful for her to review parts of the form with a parent to familiarize herself with past or current health problems and family history.

Forms for college check-ups ask a variety of questions, and students may hesitate to provide honest answers. Our Austin obgyns offer a no-judgement zone for young women – we want and need to hear truthful answers to every question. Questions may address:

  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Behavior while driving—texting, seat belt use
  • Eating habits—problems such as eating disorders
  • Dating violence and abuse
  • Mental health—depression, anxiety
  • Sexual history

These questions address issues that directly affect many young women when they go off to college.

Lab tests and immunizations

College check-ups routinely include certain lab tests, including tuberculosis screening. Other lab tests may be needed to address individual health issues. Colleges have a list of required vaccinations and other vaccines that they highly recommend.

Required vaccines include up-to-date DTP, polio, Tdap and MMR. Our Austin obgyns and forms for college check-ups also highly recommend the meningococcal vaccine to prevent meningitis. Other recommendations include hepatitis A, varicella and influenza. Our Austin obgyns urge all young women age 26 or under to have the HPV vaccine to protect against certain cancers, including uterine cancer.

The physical examination

Our Austin obgyns perform a complete physical that includes all the information college check-ups require, such as blood pressure, height and weight. One advantage of having college check-ups with an obgyn is that we are experienced in performing pelvic examinations and can provide young women with a gentle, caring experience that can lead to a lifetime of proactive women’s healthcare.

It isn’t on the forms for college check-ups, but we feel that it’s important to talk to young women who are making the transition to young adulthood and independence. Our Austin obgyns will discuss a variety of lifestyle issues at this visit.

  • Birth control options
  • Safe sex practices
  • Domestic violence and abuse in dating relationships
  • Healthy eating
  • Healthy lifestyle

Our Austin obgyns want to start young women on a path to a lifetime of good health, and college check-ups are a great way to begin. Contact us for an appointment.

Women’s Wellness

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  • Annual checkups
  • Contraception
  • Family planning
  • Fertility
  • Nutrition and weight-loss
  • Heart health
  • Vaccinations
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